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  I had an idea for a corduroy laptop sleeve.  I ran the idea by my daughter who said she would want to use a corduroy laptop sleeve.  She received a new laptop a little over a year ago and hasn't had a proper case since.  Her old sleeve fit the old computer, but with an upgraded computer, she needed a larger sleeve.  

  On the hunt I went which didn't take very long.  At the local craft store I found hunter green corduroy fabric, on sale, and a matching lining fabric.  I immediately went into production mode (production mode for me only means that I decided to make it myself).  Zipper, lining and corduroy finish I completed the bag.  I also added a quilting batting as a liner to give the bag some "fluff" and aid in protecting the laptop.  Gave her the the new laptop case while feeling accomplished.  Later that evening she gave it back to me only to let me know that her laptop didn't fit.  #FAIL.  I thought my measurements were correct.  I measured the laptop length x width x depth and added seam allowances.  Clearly I was wrong somewhere.  So back to the drawing board I go to re-measure and re-make her new case.  The second one fit!  I'm elated to know that she has something to aid in protecting her very expensive laptop.


  After a few days I asked how she liked the sleeve and while she did like the look and feel of it, she did miss the foamy feeling of the old sleeve that seemed to give her the idea of added protection.  FOAM!!  It never occurred to me that foam was in a laptop or tablet sleeve to help PROTECT the item.  I truly just thought it had a nice feel.  Now I need foam so back to the local craft store I go.  While I'm there, I need to pick up more zippers for future sleeves but they don't have any.  This part becomes an online purchase, while fruitful, became annoying knowing that I had to pay for shipping for something I had picked up from the store only a few weeks earlier.  To date, I still can't find the zippers in store that were used on the first 2 sleeves.  The thinnest foam I found was 1/2 inch thick.  I'm sure there are thinner options available online but I was determined to get what I needed in one shopping trip and not have to wait on shipping.


  Back into production mode...  I measure the foam and adjust the fabric measurements accordingly.  I begin to assemble and SUCCESS!!  I've finished the laptop sleeve with foam! The feel is fabulous and pillowy.  I can't wait to give it to my daughter and see her reaction to the protective laptop sleeve that I've worked so hard to make.  I decide to insert my laptop into the sleeve as a test, just to get a sense of validation, and I have to force it in.  #ALMOSTFAIL.  Not quite a fail because I have completed the item and it is functional, for something, it's just a little too small for a laptop.  Maybe something smaller but at least now I know the measurements I need to adjust for the next one.  


  I will also say that with the 1/2 inch foam it is a bit bulky.  I'm sure that can be adjusted with a thinner foam and maybe then my initial fabric measurements will suffice.  Either way, the purpose was to see if I could make it happen and I did.  With some adjustments I may be able to offer them to others.




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