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  I have been in a creative mood for a while now, but it's not just having the ideas, it's the desire to physically make them myself that has been nagging at me.  So some I do and others I let live in my head.  There is an idea that I started but as it became more difficult, I put that project to the side for ones I believed would be easier and less time consuming.  This next piece has proven to be a challenge at every step, even the steps that I have done before.  Nothing was easy about this one and I'm sure my sewing machine needs to be serviced.  By the time I finished, I realized that it may have been the same amount of time, skill (or lack thereof), and stress used to make this piece instead of the one sitting in a corner.  

  As this piece had its challenges, I was able to complete it.  Not easy, and by far the most my limited skill set has been tested but I finished.  In each step there was a mistake or miscalculation that required it to be done more than once.  This happening even as I have learned to take care in the prep work required for sewing properly.  

          Thought Process Boutique Oversized Clutch


  This clutch represents that some of the ideas in my head are not only actionable but cute which is the real purpose for trying anything at all.  I'm glad that I was able to finish this project, many more to come! 

  I do consider this one a completed piece, I think there is room for improvement should I decide to continue with this piece and make more of them.



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