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In an effort to fully define what I am doing with this store, I have been learning to sew myself.  It has been a way for me to really flush out some of my ideas and see if these ideas really need more attention or if they should be left alone.  This is my research and development phase, my sample making process.  

A part of this "making of ideas" has been some accessories; I have been trying my skills on bags.  I found a pattern on Pinterest and made it a few times using different fabrics and sizes to see what would be an ideal version.  Something that I could potentially make myself in an effort to build capital for future manufacturing.  Each one has had its challenges, but its still a simple sewing job that wouldn't require serious skills or hardware.  So when I decided to try making a clutch - lined, featuring a zipped pocket and a zipper closure - I didn't have high expectations of perfection, I just wanted to see if the general design was worth reproducing.  For the record, I don't see this completed design going any further, but it gives me starting point design and development.  

It's not perfect: some seams are crooked, some seams are doubled due to removing a different portion of the seam. I initially put the interior zipper on backward, sewed the pocket closed, attached the pocket liner inside-out (I didn't fix this step), sewed parts of the bag and the liner to itself on separate occasions, and completely closed the bag while half of it was inside out with no way to turn it on its right side.  More than anything I'm excited that I was able to make this clutch and have the end result turn out as well as it did. It's giving me a reason to add more difficult ideas to my R&D process

Red tie dye clutch  

 Red tie dye clutch


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