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  When Canadian blogger Orlandice, @bunny_and_moon, shared a post wearing the Orange Blossom pants with a red leather jacket, it inspired me to see how may other ways can I style this same pair of pants to give different looks.  Obviously, with such a bold print this item won't be understated in almost any combination, but just to see different top options depending on mood and shoe choice makes them a bit more versatile.  So for those of you that may need a bit of help with matching these pants or if you're just curious as to what we did, enjoy and I hope this post will give someone #StyleInspo!
  This first look is pretty obvious.  You can never (maybe rarely) go wrong with a bodysuit, so this provides an effortless chic look.  Literally.  Since it creates such a classic look, I would be remiss not to mention it.
  The second look that was chosen continues with the same color scheme but with a heavier top.  Let's be real, It's currently January and some parts of the US are experiencing temperatures in the teens or below. I don't know if you go out in that kind of weather but some still may have to, not to mention it may take a while for temperatures to get to a level where sweaters are no longer needed so for this look we have paired the pants with our Knitty Knitty Bang Bang Sweater in black (this sweater can be apart of a set with a skirt, but sets are meant to be broken).  The sweater makes for the ideal option in colder weather.
  For weather that isn't so life altering, you can always choose a more relaxed, lighter version of a cover up over a bodysuit t-shirt.  Paired  here with the Cutaway Jacket by Hidden Jeans, this combination makes for an easy look that can be dressed up or down.  Shown, the model is wearing a classic stiletto that can be great for the office or date night.  If you choose a more casual shoe, i.e. sandal, you can still be appropriate for Sunday Brunch.
  Hello casual!!  Mixing such a bold print with a graphic tee is a great way to allow the eye to be captivated by the full outfit and not just one area.  Even though this t-shirt isn't loud or trying to compete with the printed pants, it is just enough to require a scan of the full outfit.  You still have the option to dress this look up or down, but seeing a true casual option really makes these pants versatile.  See a similar graphic tee here.  
Wait, what was I thinking not showing you this pair of pants without the matching Orange Blossom Kimono.  A very easy, transitioning way to wear the pair is with a bodysuit or light shirt under the kimono, but we have it paired with the sweater again.
  I hope this helps and give you comfort and courage to wear a bold print with or without its matching counterpart.  Do you have any ideas that may have been missed or left out?  I would love to know #WhatAreYouWearing.  Leave a comment below!!







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