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  Last week I showcased a pair of lightweight pants by Lush Clothing that have such an amazing, vibrant print it needed to be seen with a few top options.  Yes, I know, there was a lot of black used but you can never go wrong with black.  It's also safe for those that either wear a lot of black, or don't want to compete too much with the existing print.  So this week we are featuring the the better half of this duo - worn together is totally an option  - Orange Blossom Kimono

  Kimono is a Japanese robe like garment with a  literal translation as "thing to wear" usually worn for formal events.  While the fashionable adaptation is not usually reserved exclusively for formal events or worn by men, the traditional Japanese garb may be worn by either sex,  it represents the elongated silhouette   ( there are TONS of fashion "kimonos" that are not very long ) of the garment as the traditional should be floor length.  This is one of many "kimonos" out there, that we had to style a few different ways .
  The first styles shown are very simple yet stylish.  Can we say date night? Brunch?  Running errands? Just having a great day to show off those abs? Or just need a potential sleeve?  The Orange Blossom Kimono is simply an added piece to what can be considered a complete outfit.  It gives that something extra that will change your outfit from average to noticeable.  Paired with black or blue distressed denim, you really can't go wrong with this option. 
Do you know what you're wearing for Valentine's Day?  This midi dress warrants attention all on its own, but why stop there?  Enter Kimono.  Nude or black heel to complete the look. You're welcome.
 Flowers on flowers on flowers!  Shown here is the Orange Blossom set with a chunky sweater to break up the pattern.  If you want more of the pattern to come through or just don't want to wear a sweater than you can always choose a bodysuit or top that wears lighter.  You can also choose to highlight another color with your shirt option.  Again, black was chosen because it's safe and allows the pattern to shine.  
  I hope these styled options give you some good ideas to wear this or any other kimono you may have.  Whether you're a seasoned style vet or a novice, I hope these options are a great addition to your repertoire.  How would you wear your kimono? I'd love to know what your #ThoughtProcess is and if you have any ideas that weren't featured here.
Until next time, happy shopping!


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