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As February rapidly approaches we are still in winter status across the country.  And even though we are still in temperatures that are less than desirable, I am forced to notice that swimsuit season is right around the corner.  And while I may be into some form of an exercise routine to get "swimsuit ready", I am also focused on my transitional clothing in order to be rock a great look and still be weather appropriate when we are faced ( Las Vegas weather anyway ) 62 degrees today and 44 tomorrow.  One day may only request a light jacket or perhaps just a semi heavy sweater layered over a lighter tee when the other forecast clearly requires coats, boots hats scarves and gloves (I grew up here so 44 is FREEZING to me),  either temperature will change your decision on what to wear for the day in an instant.


So as I get dressed during these climates of uncertainty I find myself reaching more for a maxi dress.  Long sleeve or short, both require a jacket in this weather.  But paired with an ankle bootie or even something a little higher.  A matching jacket  - leather is always a good go to but not necessary everyday - and you've got yourself a very chic and practical outfit that works on so many levels. Wear to work, running errands, going to class, shopping, day date or whatever you may have planned for the days' activities.  If properly accessorized you may have an option to go to from day to night in the maxi dress - depending on the temperature drop.  

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